Mail & Logistics Management

New ways to keep the organization's heart beating

The heartbeat of every organization is the mail center. FSO's founders launched a mailroom revolution over 30 years ago. We've been innovating mail center operations ever since. Today, we're advancing the mail center with cutting edge technologies and processes that promote new levels of transparency and green practices, such as paper and energy-saving solutions and efficient digital mail services. And we are one of the only outsourcing firm in the world offering global hybrid print and mail capability.

+360° Mail Workflow & Productivity Management

FSO employs a five-step end-to-end process to holistically review and improve the entire mail workflow. Analyzing Document Preparation, Processing, Metering, Accounting and Receiving, it optimizes the cost, efficiency and process of the entire mail workflow.

Digital Mail Center Management

FSO understands the complexities of digital mail and the challenges of implementing a digital mail center. We work with our clients and their departments to understand and satisfy their special requirements. For example, we can provide processes to send documents to a variety of digital repositories, import document data into different application systems, and continue to forward certain mail in paper form.

Folding & Inserting Technology

FSO uses the latest technology to dramatically reduce folding and inserting time, accelerate payment of mailed invoices and bills, increase communication with customers and securely automate complex and personalized mailings.

Mail Metering

FSO utilizes scales and metering systems that streamline processes from differential weighing and sealing to mixed mail feeding. The end mail product is accurately priced, with a USPS compliant indicia printed for every piece.

Mail Accounting

FSO captures data from any source — systems exports to workstations — to generate customized online reporting that provides complete visibility of postal costs and helps clients make informed cost saving decisions.

Mail & Messenger Centers

FSO establishes tight knit teams, processes, and procedural best practices to manage all inbound and outbound mail and accountables for organizations and buildings.

  • Automated Tracking Systems
  • Supply Chain, Logistics & Transportation
  • Incoming, Inter-office & Outgoing Mail Services
  • Postage Cost Management
  • Air Courier Services